USR-N540-H7 Modbus MQTT Gateway Edge Computing 4 Ports RS485 Serial to Ethernet Device Servers


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Package: 1 PCS *USR-N540-H7 (US version)
1 PCS USB to 485 Connector

USR-N540-H7-4 is a 4-port RS485 to ethernet Converters. USR IOT's RS485 to ethernet Converters USR-N540 can realize bi-directional transparent transmission between RS485 and network.

● 4-port RS485 Serial to Ethernet Converters
● Power supply accepts wide voltage input range DC 9-36V
● Support TCP server/client, UDP server/client,https client, Virtual COM
● Support Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, Modbus Polling
● Support flow control XON/XOFF
● Support 4 RS-485 Ports to TCP/IP 10/100Base-T(X) self-adaptive Ethernet interface
● Configuration via Web Server page, AT commands, and Windows Utility
● MQTT/SSL/Modbus RTU to JSON/SNMP/Telnet/Edge Computing(Special firmware, contact sales)