USR-G786-G 4G Cellular Modems with Global Bands M2M Cellular Modems


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USR-G786-G is a RS485 Electrical Isolation Protection 4G cellular modem which has perfect functions and covers most of the conventional application scenarios.
User can use the cellular modem USR-G786-G to realize data transmission between RS232 / RS485 and 4G network through simple configuration.
Reliable Serial to 4G Cellular Communication. With RS232 or RS485 interfaces, full network coverage, wide temperature and wide voltage, multi center transmission.
Provides wireless data communications between field serial devices and the central control system to enable remote control of industrial field sites.G786-G is ideal for M2M and IoT applications including distribution automation, smart metering, water & wastewater, heating, street light monitoring and etc.

.Global Bands, Covering Global Regions
.RS485 Electrical Isolation
.High Reliability, High Rate, Low Latency
.FOTA Remote Upgrade