USR-G771-E RS232/RS485 to LTE CAT 1 Cellular Modem Support LTE and GSM TCP UDP Transparent Transmission with SIM Card Support HTTP, MQTT, SMS with Accessories


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Package inculdes:
1* USR-G771-E 4G Modem (standard version )
1* 4G Antenna
1* Power adapter
1*Female to Female adapter
Other optional accessory: If you need RS232 Serial to USB cable, please contact seller.

Product descriptions:
USR-G771-E is an LTE CAT 1 cellular modem, which supports LTE and GSM, covers the mainstream frequency bands of European operators. It has perfect software function, supports TCP/UDP transparent transmission, SMS transmission, HTTPD Client mode, and AT command configuration. Also, it is simple to configure, has high reliability and built-in hardware watchdog, supports FOTA upgrading.
USR-G771-E has wide-voltage power supply terminals and DC interfaces, standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces meets the needs of different application scenarios.

.9-36V wide power supply range
.LTE Cat 1 & GSM with sim card
.Transparent transmission and AT command mode
.SMS,NET,Serial AT command configuration
.FTP Upgrade and FOTA self upgrade
.Socket Distribution Protocol
.Parameter ConfigurationSupport the parameter configuration of serial,network and SMT AT commands, and provide the configuration tool for the PC.
Application Case:
- Quickly responding, G771 uploads the alarm data via Internet as soon as possible, thus ensuring the safety of lives and property.
- Agricultural IOT Environmental Monitoring
G771 can quickly upload the data collected by sensors in agricultural greenhouses to remote servers through the LTE or GPRS network to facilitate the control center to monitor the greenhouse dynamics in real time and respond in time.
- Transmission of Charging Pile Data Through Internet
As a charging pile works, its running data can be quickly uploaded to a cloud server through the connected G771 to help the back-end operating personnel uniformly manage the data.