USR Dual Band Wi-Fi Device Server USR-W660 x 1 Set


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Package: USR-W660 x 1 Set

Product Features
Stable And Reliable
Metal housing, IP30 protection
Wide operating temperature: -35℃~+70℃
EMC protection: Surge protection, level 3; ESD protection, level 3; EFT protection, level 3; IEC61000
Wide voltage input: DC 9-36V, with power reverse protection.
Built-in hardware watchdog, fault self-detection, self-repair, firmware backup and restore functions to ensure system stability without crashing.
Supports wall mounting, Din rail mounting, desktop placement

Flexible Networking
Support WIFI6 technology (IEEE 802.11 ax), support dual-band WIFI (2.4 and 5G)
AP/STA/AP+STA/bridge mode.
Support fast Wi-Fi roaming, network switching as low as 100ms.
Support Gigabit ports: 1 x WAN/LAN, 1 x LAN.
Support RS232/RS485, serial port data acquisition is easier.
Compatible with mainstream industrial protocols: TCP/UDP/MODBUS/HTTP/MQTT/SNMP, etc.
Supports connecting to mainstream cloud platforms such as Alibaba Cloud and AWS Cloud, making it easy for devices to go to the cloud.

Powerful features
Support a complete anti-drop mechanism to ensure the stability of data transmission.
Support wired/STA multi-network intelligent backup function, keep the link always unblocked.
Support PUSR service, users can open the built-in webpage operation and maintenance of wireless client through PUSR platform, which facilitates centralized management of equipment
Support SNMP, NTP time calibration, MAC-IP binding, anti-access restriction and other special Functions