USR-DR404 Din Rail Modbus Gateway RS485 Serial to WiFi Ethernet Converter US Version x 1 Set


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USR-DR404 *1 PCS
Antenna* 1 PCS
Power Supply *1 PCS

USR-DR404 supports serial port to WIFI function, make the serial port (RS485)connection switch intoTCP/IPnetinterface to realize the bi-direction transparent transmission between serial port and WIFI/Ethernet.
Enableserial devicesto have TCP / IP network interface function immediately, connect to the network for data communication, greatlyextendthe communication distance of serial devices

 Support 802.11b/g/n wireless standards.
 Support usr-link.
 Support route and bridge modes.
 Support RS485 to Wifi/ Ethernet communication.
 Rich indicator LED: Power, link, RXD, TXD.
 Wide voltage DC 5~36V, support terminal power.
 Support transparent transmission mode, serial command mode, HTTPD Client (GET, PUT and POST), MODBUS,ATcommand mode.
 Support three types of registration packets: MAC, USR-Cloud, custom.
 Support custom heartbeat packet, distributing socket protocol, MODBUS polling function
 Support timeout reset function, timing reset function.
 Support remote upgrade.
 Add hardware watch dog, makes more stable
 Supports free framing and automatic framing on the serial port, for higher forwarding efficiency. 
Support websocket and realize the timing communication for serial port and web page.
 Support web page, serial/network AT command to configure parameters. 
Support one key (press the reload button for more than 5 seconds) to restore factory settings. 
Long distance communication: two serial server can transport for 150m(Test conditions: open line of sight, twoWIFIserial servers self-networking, 57600 baud rate, no packet loss during transmission). 
Designed with guide rails for easy installation.