USR-DR301 DIN-Rail RS232 Serial to Ethernet Converter Tiny Size RS232 Ethernet Serial Device x 1 Set


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Package: 1 Set / Order
1 Set= 1 pcs USR-DR301 + 1 pcs adapter + 1 pcs networking cable

RS232 Port: Terminal Type
Industrial-grade,Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP
Network Heartbeat Packet: Serial server maintains the normal connection with the server by sending heartbeat packet regularly.
Identity Heartbeat Packet: When 301 works as TCP Client, it can send identity packet packet to TCP server which can be identification.Identity packet can be IMEI code, ICCID code and user editable identity packet

Working mode
TCP Client
Serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301 will initiate TCP connection to the destination IP address that configured by the user and serial to Ethernet converter will continuously try to reconnect if establishing TCP connection unsuccessfully.
TCP Server
Serial to Ethernet converter USR-DR301 monitors the set port and waits for a TCP client connection. Data from the serial device will transmit to all successfully-connected via serial to Ethernet converter.
UDP Client
USR-DR301 only communicates with the target interface of the target IP, thus to assure the accuracy of data transmission.
UDP Server
DR301 can transmit the data automatically to the last time transferred device after receiving the data, which is suitable for multi-network devices that need to communicate with the DR301. HTTP Client
DR301 supports the function of transmitting the serial data to the specified server in the form of HTTPD (GET/POST).
Power data networking transmission
Small size which is available for narrow space;DIN-rail mounting, easy to install on the wall;The terminal data of the distribution box can quickly convert into the network data, real-time communication, reduce the cost effectively.
Unattended Weighing
Connect serial to ethernet converter USR-DR301 to barrier gate and it can realize remote control of barrier gate by Ethernet in control center.