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  • Lubeby Smart Reflex glasses are designed to improve reaction time and hand-eye coordination during sports training
  • Smart reaction training glasses can be used with baseball, softball, basketball, soccer or boxing reflex balls to improve agility and reaction speed.
  • Used as a tennis and hockey training device, these glasses can help improve vision through stroboscopic eyewear technology, giving hockey players an advantage.
  • Lubeby Smart reflex glasses can be used as football practice equipment to increase the effectiveness of reflex training by shortening reaction times, improve athlete training performance
  • This smart glasses can be combined with the Lubeby Smart reaction training light to improve training ability.

Model: GS03

Weight: 32g

Glasses material: liquid crystal / plastic

Usage time: 10 hours

application: basketball/ footballtraining/ other scenes

Package size:7.5*5*17.5cm

Glasses function: head up train /vision remove