Nordic BLE 4.0 nRF51822 Controller Chip Bluetooth Module Small Size 18.5 x 9.1x 2.0mm 5 Pack


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Memory:256KB flash + 16KB RAM memory
 Transparent transmission (Bridged method) easy to use and fast, no Bluetooth protocol stack development experience can use too. ;
The user interface uses a standard UART (TTL) Interface, bidirectional data read, easy to operate;
Supports serial AT commands, the user can modify the basic parameters like the serial port baud rate (default 9600bps), name, MAC address of the module, etc
 Serial data packet length, single data packet can support data length up to 200byte;;
 Serial hardware enable control, low-power control applications ;
 With the support under the test mode but not connect the serial mode, mutual communication between test module and bluetooth master devices
 Operating distance: 0~45m,class II level ;
 Support System: IOS & Android;
 Supply voltage:2.0~3.6V(3.3V typical);
 Module comes with PCB antenna, optional external antenna;

Electronic scales
Electronic cigarette
Smart cups
Smart bracelet
Smart Watch
Bluetooth toys
Intelligent hardware
Smart Home
Package: BLE4.0 module X 5 pcs