Lubeby Smart USR-G800 Industrial LTE 4G Wireless Router Support NTP Parameter Setting x 1 Set


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Cellular wireless routers with 5 Ethernet Ports:
1*WAN Port: support DHCP, static IP, ADSL(PPPoE) dial, VPN.
4*LAN Port: support DHCP and static IP.
Power: DC9~36V supply power and terminal supply power.
Reload: One key to restore factory Settings, do not worry about setting errors.
5 Ethernet ports cellular wireless router USR-G800V2, integrates 4G LTE, WiFi, serial to Ethernet and VPN technologies, provides devices with convenient, reliable, secure network and high speed access to data.
The product is suitable for unattended devices and site networking. It has embedded hardware watchdog and multi-layer link detection mechanism, wired and cellular network double network backup mechanism to ensure reliable and stable network communication.
Users can also connect it to our remote management platform to achieve systematic and efficient device management.
G800V2 can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial IoT applications, providing a good balance between cost and performance.
It is suitable for large-scale distributed industrial applications, such as:
Intelligent Terminal Industry: Intelligent express cabinet, charging pile, battery cabinet, ATM, ticket machine, vending machine. 
Smart city: Intelligent lighting, intelligent transportation, smart grid. 
Security industry: Intelligent access control, security facilities, tower monitoring. 
Other industries: Electrical power engineering, hydraulic engineering, oil field, environment protection, factory networking transformation and so on.