Lubeby Smart Sports Training Reaction Training Light Equipment, Football Basketball Boxing Fitness Physiotherapy Training Light 7 Pack with Aluminum Box


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Aluminum box packaging reaction lamp 7 PCS

Lubeby Smart Reaction Training Light System

Aluminum Box Package:

6 in 1 Reaction light Set ( Total 7 pcs )

  • Reaction lights are widely used in a variety of sports, boxing training, football training, basketball training, badminton training need to improve the reaction force. The reaction light can provide a good role in auxiliary training
  • Boxing training reaction training lights can train player's reaction speed, sensitivity, memory, and spatial force
  • It can be used as a reaction game device to increase parent-child interaction, and it can be played with multiple people. Children can also use reaction lights to increase their reaction and agility, and improve their concentration
  • Some patients who need exercise therapy or light therapy, or physiotherapists engaged in the physiotherapy industry, and students majoring in physiotherapy also need this equipment for some professional training
  • This reaction light is a kind of functional training accessories, it’s a great tool for training memory and physical reflexes, suitable for both adults and children