Lubeby Smart Reaction Training Lights Pod, Low Cost Reaction Training Lights With Remote


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Note: This reaction lamp is a low-cost reaction lamp. If you have high quality requirements, please do not buy it!

Material: Plastic + LED + Sensor
Diameter: About 6 cm
Remote control: Select the mode and color through the remote control, without APP, easy to use 
User group: The elderly, children, teenagers and adults with response training needs

  • ➤ REACTION TRAINING LIGHTS: Designed for coaches, players, medical therapists, and children at various stages to complete the training program with high quality in physical and reaction training and to enjoy the training.
  • ➤ ENHANCE REACTION TIME: Dynamic lighting system stimulates quick reflexes, helping athletes choose from a variety of interactive games and exercises to keep workouts engaging and challenging. react faster on the field or court.
  • ➤ PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Compact design allows for training anywhere, whether at home, in the gym, or on the go. USB charging available. Bluetooth transmission can be used repeatedly. Wireless Internet connection distance of 10 meters, with intelligent induction and sound prompts.
  • ➤ WIDELY USED: intuitively provide training data for trainers and players and help people improve and update training plans; suitable for fitness, training, basketball, football, lacrosse, boxing, ice hockey, baseball, football, volleyball, tennis, badminton etc.
  • ➤ CUSTOMIZABLE INTENSITY LEVELS: Adjust the color and speed of lights to accommodate different skill levels and training objectives. Monitor improvement over time with performance metrics, providing valuable feedback for continued growth and development.#boxe equipamento #equipamento de boxe  #equipamentos de academia  #equipamentos de boxe  #fitness equipamento  #luz de reacao  #luz de treinamento de reação  #luz de treinamento de agilidade  #luz de treinamento de reacao  #gym equipment  #gymnastics equipment for kids  #luzes de treinamento de reacao  #luz de reacao treino funcional #máquina de treinamento de boxe #aparelho para treinar boxe  #blazepod  #luzes para treino de agilidade  #treino de reflexo  #bola de reflexo boxe  #acessórios de academia  #escada de agilidade