Lubeby Smart LoRa611II TTL Interface Wide Voltage High Rate 160mW Industrial Uart LoRa Module


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Features of LLCC68 LoRa Module LoRa611II

AES128 data encryption method
No blind zone without distance limitation
Single module open transmission distance of 5Km @ low rate
Frequency band: 433/470/868/915 MHz for option
Up to 40 communication channels in the same frequency band
Diversified serial port parameters
Operating voltage range: 3.3~ 5.5 V
LBT (Listen Before Talk) function optional
Node/route/node+route optional in MESH mode(Hop level in MESH mode)
Built-in hardware reset protection circuit
LoRa modulation
TTL interface
Sensitivity up to -129 dBm@1.3Kbps
Maximum output power: 160 mW (+22 dBm)
CRC optional
Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +85 °C

Applications of LLCC68 LoRa Module LoRa611II
Remote control
Remote meter reading
Home automation telemetry
Wireless data communication
Access control system