Lubeby Smart Football Activity Tracker APP Control Sports Football Performance Wearable Position Device


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  • Lubeby Smart football tracker can accurately locate the movement position of athletes, and then process and analyze the trajectory data. The data can be played back many times, which can provide more comprehensive accurate and practical training for athletes and coaches
  • REAL-TIME ACCURATE POSITIONING- It can be placed on athletes' clothes and their position and moving trajectory can be tracked by receiving and transmitting signals, so that you can get the data of athletes performance and tactical application in the competition for better analysis and training
  • The Football Activity Tracker is a football training aid which can improve soccer player performance
  • APP Control - The football training locator is equipped with a dedicated APP that can record the performance of athletes
  • The app will automatically switch languages and support multiple languages. We can view athlete trajectories, heat maps, and add multiple members and devices to the app. There is no limit to the number of users, and the data only displays the results of one main member