Lubeby Smart Basketball Ball Machine Basketball Shooting Machine


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Lubeby Smart Basketball Ball Machine Basketball Shooting Machine 

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Power type: 220V
Equipment Dimensions: 80*70*155 cm
(Storage) Weight: 80KG
Basketball specifications: standard No. 7 ball
Power: 350W
Service frequency: 1.5-6 seconds
Serving near and far: 4-11 meters
Horizontal swing: 0-180 degrees
Vertical angle: 0-15 degrees

Product Highlights
1. According to the needs of different players, multiple gears can be used to adjust the serving speed, frequency, etc.
2. IBN has no dead angle rotation, and 19 points are randomly selected to shoot
3. Choose between Chinese and English for convenient use
4. Convenient storage, the net can be folded and does not take up space, and the bottom is equipped with universal wheels, which can be moved and fixed at any time
5. There is no need to pick up the ball, and it can conduct shooting training in different scenarios of single player, multiple players, or single ball and multiple balls

Product Features
Fixed-point serve, multi-point serve, random serve
Switch between Chinese and English
Adjustable tee frequency and distance
The tee point can be freely selected