Lubeby Smart 433MHz RF Module Adopts Si4463 Chip RF4463PRO X 5 PCS


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Features of 433MHz RF Module RF4463PRO
Frequency Range:433MHz
Sensitivity up to -126dBm
Maximum output power:20dBm
10mA@Receiving status
Data transfer rate:0.1-1000Kbps
OOK and ASK Modulation mode
1.8-3.6 V Power supply
Ultra-low consumption shutdown mode
Digital received signal strengthindicator(RSSI)
Timed wake-up function
Antenna automatic matching and two-way switch control
Configurable date packet structure
Preamble detection
64/128byte transmit and receive data register(FiFo)
Low-battery detection
Temperature sensor and 8-bitanalog-to-digital converters
weight:1.3 g
Operating Temperature Range:-40 ~ +85°C
Integrated voltage regulator
Frequency hopping
Power-on reset function
Built-in crystal adjustment function