Lubeby Smart 4 in 1 Agile Reaction Fitlight Agility Training Light for Boxing Basketball Badminton Sports Training Lamp 5 Pack ( German Version )


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Package contents:
4 in 1 Reaction Light Kit (5 pieces total)
Basketball, football, volleyball, ice hockey, gym and other agile reaction training

1. Built-in polymer lithium battery 1200 mAh
2. Can actually work for 80 hours, infrared sensor, memory light in four colours (green, blue, pink, red)

What is the difference between the German version of the reaction light and the normal version?
1. The packaging is different
Packed in high quality aluminum box, safer and better quality
The normal version is in cardboard packaging
2. Different power
The German version of the reaction light has an additional
Dual sensor vibration sensor
The German version has an extra 3 pin charging cable
Three times as much battery power as the German version
Better quality electronic components