Lubeby Smart Sports Reaction Training Reflex Glasses For Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer Athletes and Coaches GS01


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Description of Reaction Training Reflex Glasses

Vision remove glasses is a sensory training tool designed to improve movement, balance, and reaction time by removing visual information so the individual can process visual stimuli more quickly.

This product by our Reflex Glasses App, which serves as a great segue into the world of sensory training. The vision remove glasses works its magic through a flickering effect that intermittently blocks the user’s vision. In alternating between clear and blocked vision, one’s brain is forced to fill in the gaps and anticipate movement.

This heightened sensitivity instantly sharpens and streamlines vision, improving one’s eye-hand coordination, movement, balance, and reaction time. As the vision remove glasses can be integrated into existing training drills and exercises, they provide an adaptable and unique experience for each user.


Weight: 32g

Glasses material: liquid crystal / plastic

Usage time: 10 hours

application: basketball/ footballtraining/ other scenes

Package size:7.5*5*17.5cm

Glasses function: head up train /vision remove

  • Lubeby Smart Reflex glasses are designed to improve reaction time and hand-eye coordination during sports training
  • Smart reaction training glasses can be used with baseball, softball, basketball, soccer or boxing reflex balls to improve agility and reaction speed.
  • Used as a tennis and hockey training device, these glasses can help improve vision through stroboscopic eyewear technology, giving hockey players an advantage.
  • Lubeby Smart reflex glasses can be used as football practice equipment to increase the effectiveness of reflex training by shortening reaction times, improve athlete training performance
  • This smart glasses can be combined with the Lubeby Smart reaction training light to improve training ability.