Lubeby Smart Reaction Lights Intelligent Fit Light Trainer for Sporty Reaction Training 8 Pcs/Set


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  • Lubeby Smart Reaction lights come with app, different training modes can be set and the training performance can be viewed
  • Built-in sensor, sensitive response, can be operated without touching the reaction light
  • This light is a fit light trainer that is suitable for mobility training in basketball, football and badminton. It can also be used for training reflexes and training in the gym.
  • This reaction training light supports multiple modes and can also be trained by several people.
  • Both adults and children can use this training light, which is suitable for most youth sports training scenarios
  • Reaction lights are commonly used in a variety of sports: boxing training, football training, basketball training and badminton training must improve reaction power. The reaction light can play a good role in auxiliary training.
    The reaction training light is a mobile phone controlled light combination training system that can train people's reaction speed, sensitivity, memory and spatial strength.
    All modes of the app have different combination shapes and playing methods. All data can be saved and exported. Classification and statistics, all parameters of the app can be adjusted automatically. If the existing function mode cannot meet your requirements, there is also a powerful programming mode that allows you to individually adjust your training mode. The Lubeby Smart Reaction Lamp has a beautiful light mode. You can connect to the app via Bluetooth and set different modes via the app that are fun and practical and suitable for a variety of sports such as basketball, football, boxing and badminton and other sports training, especially reaction strength training.

    Who needs reaction lights?
    1. Most athletes need to use reaction lights to train their reflexes
    2. Some patients need sports therapy or light therapy
    3. Children can also use the reaction light for reaction games or sports   
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