Football Basketball Xball Smart App Conotrol Reaction Training Ball (1 PCS Ball + 1 PCS Base)


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  • X-ball is a high tech reaction ball for training. XBALL reaction ball is a training device for training athletes' agile reactions. Reaction training balls can be combined for training by connecting multiple balls to increase the complexity and challenge of training. Different encoding methods can produce different training effects to meet the needs of different users
  • Every time X-ball hit the ground, it will randomly show colors. Then you need to take certain action basing on this color.
  • The reaction ball can train reaction and grasping and exercise the overall coordination of the body. By connecting multiple reaction training balls together, users can create longer or more complex reaction paths. This helps improve the user's reaction speed, hand-eye coordination, and overall responsiveness. At the same time, combined training can also increase the fun and interactivity of training, allowing users to unconsciously improve their reaction capabilities in the game.
  • Multifunctional training: The smart reaction X-ball can simulate the function of the reaction training light, and can bring more changes due to personalized coding, adding fun and challenge to your training.
  • The colors and time parameters can be set via APP. You can check your training performance on APP
  • The ball can be charged. So it can be longer used. Also the x-ball is waterproof.

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