Lubeby Smart USR-M100 Indusrtial Remote IO Edge Computing Gateway MQTT/SSL Modbus IoT Gateway


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The USR-M100 is an intelligent IoT I/O gateway with comprehensive functions like on-board I/O support and RS-485/232/Ethernet interface, is an advanced modular RTU product with a unique hardware and software design, making it an ideal solution for a variety of industrial data acquisition applications.
The USR-M100 has a unique mechanical design that reduces the amount of time required for installation and removal, simplifying deployment and maintenance.
In addition, the USR-M100 supports Modbus RTU Master protocol for retrieving field site serial data from serial meters and also supports OT/IT protocol conversion.
With the ability to convert between multiple protocols, USR-M100 can convert the collected I/O and serial Remote IO Edge Gateway USR-M100 specification Communication Expert of Industrial IoT 2 Your Trust Worthy Industrial IoT Partner data to protocols suitable for different upper-level software. For example, cloud service via MQTT, SCADA via Modbus TCP, web server via HTTP, and more.
This two-in-one design reduces system complexity, the amount of space required in the network topology, and overall installation time. Users can also connect your legacy devices to Ethernet, thereby increasing the lifetime of the devices since you can continue using the devices’ original protocols.