Lubeby Smart Badminton Boxing Basketball Players Sports Training Equipment Concentration Training Lamp Set 4 Lamps/Set


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Most Android phones can connect 6-7 lights, most IOS can connect more than 8 lights, but we know that some phones can connect less lights at a time. Use a better phone to connect the lights.

What's in the box? Six Light Capsules
Storage Bag
USB Charging Cable
4 Pack/Set

Smart Wireless Light Network
Multi-reaction light connected to a bluetooth network. Train with intelligence and science.
Multiple Sensors
Supports near sensor and vibration sensor. Bulbs can detect when you hit or run next to it.
Easy installation
There is magnet and velcro on the back of the lamps. Easy to install with different kinds of needs.
Wide viewing angle and automatic brightness
270 degree wide viewing angle. And the bulbs will adjust its brightness in different environments.
Well Protection
The bulbs are covered by silicone gel for shock absorption.

Long Lange Blurtooth
We designed a better bluetooth connection distance which can withstand an average of 35 meters.