Lubeby Smart SA818S New Generation VHF 134~174MHz/UHF 400-480MHz 1W 30dBm Analogue Walkie Talkie Module


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  • 1W Embedded High Sensitivity Walkie Talkie Module SA818S

  • SA818S is a cost-effective integrated professional walkie-talkie module, built-in high-speed microcontroller, high-performance RF transceiver chip and RF power amplifier, and provides a standard serial port to communicate with the module, so that the relevant parameters of the module and the transceiver can be set quickly and easily. Function to control. Users only need to connect an audio amplifier, microphone, and speaker to this module to work as a small walkie-talkie. The simplified interface and ultra-small size enable this module to be widely used, and it can also be easily and quickly embedded in various handheld devices to improve the overall performance of the terminal product. SA818S strictly uses lead-free technology for production and testing, and meets RoHS and Reach standards.
  • SA818S walkie talkie module adds an LNA circuit on the basis of SA818, and the sensitivity is increased by 4dBm. For the entire frequency range of 400-470MHz, the power output fluctuation is less than 1dB, and the low power can achieve an error of 27dBm+/-1dBm from 400-470MHz. Note: The software and hardware interfaces are the same as before and are compatible with each other.


Features of Walkie Talkie Module SA818S

  • UHF band frequency: 400~470 MHz
  • VHF band frequency: 134~174 MHz
  • 350 band frequency:320-400MHz  
  • (Above 3 frequency bands are optional, also below 2 frequency bands can be designed specially: 200~260MHz,470~520MHz)
  • Tx and Rx frequency, Tx and Rx CTCSS, CDCSS can be set alone.
  • Band width: 12.5KHz / 25 KHz
  • Output power up to 1W
  • Distance up to 4-5km in open area
  • Sensitivity:-124 dBm
  • High-integrated, Small Size
  • 38 CTCSS
  • 166 CDCSS
  • 8 level squelch
  • 8 adjustable volume
  • High/ low power is optional(500mW/1W)
  • Wide range of working voltage: 3-5.5 V
  • 1 ppm KDS TCXO crystal, Stable performance

Application of Walkie Talkie Module SA818S

  • small walkie talkie
  • Invisible intercom system
  • audio surveillance system
  • Outdoor Sport products
  • building community security system